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[icon] Air Force - ~*NaUgHtY LiTtLe iMpOrT cHiK*~
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Subject:Air Force
Time:01:38 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
So.. I know I ahve not been here in daym near forever.... but I just figured that I should post here for all you to know what I am up too.... I have decided to join the Air Force. I knwo a lot of people said they don't see me in the Air Force... but I have thoguth it out...and this is ewhat i want to do... So anyways here is the latest blog that i posted on my mysapce that have my reasons on it....

Since most people say they can not really "see" me in the Air Force (Military) I thought that I would post my reasons why I am joining... just so everyone knows that I'm not just joining to join.....

10 Reasons for Joining the Air Force

1) I already did the college thing. And when it became evident that i was only there so I could play volleyball I figured that now might be the time to try someting new.... have a new experience....

2) I'm 19 and Single.... And I want to travel and see the world... Why not do it now why I am young. And why not make traveling part of my job.... I want the oppertunity to visit places like Thailand, Guam, Korea, Spain, Italy... Why pay bank for it when I can do it for free.

3) I don't ahve the money to pay for my college. It's hella expensive. And since I hurt my shoulder there is no way that i can get another volleyball scholarship! I gave up that oppertunity already for being what I thought was "in love." Taking the G.I. bill with the Air Force gives me money for school!

4) Why spend 5 years training to do something in the outside workd when there is no guaruntee that you will get the job.... Why not have a secure job with a steady paycheck?

5) Getting away! I've been in Fairfield damn near my whole life. I'm tired of this place. I'm tired of some of the people here... and I'm tired of the childish bullshit that people like to pull here... True it may be the same elsewhere but you neevr know until you try! Air Force gives me the chance to get away...

6) New Start... Joining the Air Force will give me the oppertunity to start fresh! A new life! New beginings... I want to start fresh and start a "new life"

7) Meeting new people!!!! Why not get to meet people from all over.... make new friends from everywhere.....

8) Medical and Dental... I get full Medical coverage. no cost fro any surgeries that I may have to have while I'm enlisted. The Air Force covers me... with no cost to me....

9) When I decide to live off base... I get a base housing allowance that will help pay for my rent... What other job gives you extra money for your rent? Aside from other Military branches.... I can't think of any!!!

10) How many Americans can honestly say that they took the time to protect and serve our country? I want to be one of the few that can say that "yea, I took a couple of years of my life to serve my country... and while I was there I got college credits, and job skills."

So... there are 10 of my reasons for joining the Air Force. But... now I have a question for all of you... Why do you not see me in the Air Force? Do I not seem like a type of person that can make it? A bunch of peopl that know me or know of me say that they could never see me in the military!

Do I really look like this little prissy girl who deos nothing but worry about hair and makeup? Do I really act like this little girl who can't handle her own? I honestly didn't think i was like that! But by what people are telling me now I'm not so sure!!! It makes me think that everyone looks at me as this high maitenance girl that is completely obsessed with her hair and make up.

I like to think I am the opposite. I don't consider myslef a high maitenance girl. It take me and hour to get ready adn that's because I spend 30 minutes in the shower... And most people should know that more then half the time I wear my hair up just because I am too lazy to straighten it. I only wear make up when I knew I am going to go out... I play volleyball like 24/7. O am more into my import cars then looking pretty! I have a loud mouth. And I will be the first one to kick someones ass if they fuck with my frineds or family. My best friend even calls me the definition of HyPhY. Am I really all that wrong?

So... comments please... And also why do people not see me as the type of person that can make it in the military? And of course your thoughts on females in the military......
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[icon] Air Force - ~*NaUgHtY LiTtLe iMpOrT cHiK*~
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